Effective January 1, 2015 Gresham & Associates has officially changed its name to AmWINS. As part of AmWINS Group, we’re able to provide our clients with even more specialty insurance products and resources.

Until the rebrand process is complete, our website will remain active with minimal changes.

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Contingent Auto Liability & Cargo Program

Designed for Truck Brokers

Direct online quote access for approved agents

Contingent Auto Limits Available:

$1,000,000 Occurrence
$2,000,000 Aggregate

Cargo Options:


With & Without Refrigeration Breakdown

Truck brokers, who own no equipment, seek this coverage to protect themselves in the event one of their contract truckers has a coverage issue.  The truck broker may hold a certificate of insurance for their contract trucker, but occasionally that certificate may be invalid due to mid-term cancellation, exclusions, etc.

Example of coverage:
Independent trucker provides a certificate evidencing liability/cargo coverage.  The load is transported, resulting in a loss.  Coverage for the independent trucker is not valid due to mid-term cancellation.

Contact information:

Gresham & Associates
2424 West Kingsly, Suite D
Springfield, MO 65807
(417) 823-3924 phone
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